7 Fun Pool Party Ideas to Kick Off Your Summer

Posted on May 25, 2017| By Gabriel Ortiz


At long last, pool season is here! As you get your swimming pool ready for action, you may be thinking about ways to kick off a summer of fun and relaxation in your backyard oasis. If you are, a themed party can be a great way to go. What are some ways to give your party a little extra personality? We’re glad you asked!

Your Sensational Celebration

Here are some pool party themes to ensure your celebration is a hit:

1. Luau — Nothing says summer like this traditional Hawaiian event.Luau_Theme_Pool_Party.jpg Grass skirts, Hawaiian music, a limbo contest, and foods and beverages featuring pineapple are just some of the ways you can give an appreciative nod to the islands.

2. Sailing/Nautical — Anchors aweigh! If you love the feel of ocean spray in your face, maybe a nautical theme is right for you. Blue, white, and red decorations, the spoked “steering wheel” and life preservers we associate with ships, the anchor image, and maybe some old-time sea shanties playing in the background. A remote-controlled boat or two in the pool would be an added touch.

3. A Day at the Beach — Decorate with beach balls, flip flops, beach umbrellas, and plastic pails and shovels for this fun theme. Some sand in clear plastic jars will add a beachy feel, too. The classic hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill are perfect for this kind of party.

4. Pirates — Ahoy, matey! Another way to celebrate the sea is with a pirate theme. A red and black color scheme, lots of skull and crossbones decorations, toy swords and eye patches for all who want them, and maybe some “ship” inflatables in the pool will set the m

5. Under the Sea — If you or your kids love animals, a theme focused on sea life can be the way to go. Toy shark fins floating on top of the water, crabs and lobsters at the bottom, and plenty of snorkels and masks available for exploring create a sense of adventure.

6. Fiesta — For a fun, high energy celebration, a fiesta theme can’t be beat. Fiesta_Theme_Pool_Party.jpgThink bold, colorful decorations, delicious foods like street tacos and chips and guacamole, salsa music, sombreros, and ice cold beer.

7. Surfing — Surf’s up! If you want your party to have a laid back, mellow feel, the surfing lifestyle is a great model for that. Decorate with lots of surfboard shapes and plenty of aqua blue, orange, and yellow. You can go back to the 1960s section of your music collection to find all kinds of surfing-related tunes from the likes of the Beach Boys.

Start Thinking About Your Themed Pool Party

Excited about the arrival of pool season? We are too! If you need accessories or if there are any questions we can answer for you, don’t hesitate to contact us at 704-659-1708. Happy swimming!

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