How Would Saltwater Affect My Fiberglass Pool?

Posted on August 23, 2017| By Gabriel Ortiz

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Although summer and pool season are starting to wind down, if you’re like most pool owners, you’re already looking forward to opening your swimming pool next year! For people who have heard about saltwater systems but have not made the switch, this time of year may have them wondering if converting would be a good idea.Fiberglass pool owners are often curious about the impact that a saltwater chlorination system will have on their pool and equipment.

Taking the Plunge into Saltwater

There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages to every type of pool sanitizing method, so you must be sure to do your homework before making a change. As for saltwater systems, here are a few common questions and answers to keep in mind.

Will Saltwater Damage my Pool Shell?

In a word, no. Saltwater will not have a negative impact on the look or the longevity of your pool shell, so long as you keep salt and chlorine levels within recommended ranges. It is important to note, however, that with salt pools, chlorine levels can rise to the point that the water is corrosive. This can occur undetected as you won’t notice a strong smell or stinging eyes. However, that’s only a possibility if you completely ignore your pool for weeks. As long as you test your water weekly and adjust the system as needed, you won’t have a problem.

Will Saltwater Damage my Pool Equipment?

Here again, no, with the understanding that you must maintain the proper chemical levels. As stated, doing so doesn’t require a lot of work. Just periodic testing and tweaking of the chlorine production.

Will Saltwater Damage my Children?

OK, that’s not exactly what people ask! The question tends to be whether the saltwater will sting the eyes of swimmers, especially kids who seem to spend half their time in the pool underwater. You’ll be glad to hear the answer is no. Many people know the sting of saltwater in the eyes from having spent time in the ocean. Salt pools actually have about one-tenth the level of salt that ocean water does. Most salt pool owners we talk to say their kids no longer wear goggles in the pool because the water is so gentle on their eyes.

Will Saltwater Have an Offensive Taste?

As noted above, the salt level is so low you probably won’t notice the water being “salty” at all. You might taste a hint of salt if you really stop what you’re doing and focus on the flavor, but if you’re taking the time to do that you’re not enjoying your pool, so why bother!

There's Much to Love About a Saltwater Pool!

Again, saltwater chlorination isn’t the only option available to you, but it tends to be a pretty good one. We’ll surely talk more about it in future posts. Got questions about saltwater and/or fiberglass pools. Give us a shout!

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