Life on the Ledge: Why a Tanning Ledge is an Excellent Addition to Any Pool

Posted on September 06, 2017| By Gabriel Ortiz


They go by many names… tanning ledge, sun shelf, baja shelf. Whatever you call them, these enticing shallow water sections adjacent to an inground swimming pool are rapidly growing in popularity, both for their form and their function. Typically big enough to accommodate a few lawn chairs with room to spare, tanning ledges are generally somewhere between six and 12 inches deep, with 10 inches seeming to be the sweet spot.

How Do People Use a Tanning Ledge?

True to its name, a tanning ledge is ideal for “catching some rays,” either in a low-slung chair or just reclining on your elbows. However, it serves a number of other purposes including being:

  1. An excellent place for young children to splash around while supervised by an adult
  2. A cool spot for the family dog on a hot summer day
  3. An excellent option for senior adults who just want easy access to the refreshing water
  4. A unique location for outdoor yoga
  5. An alternative to more space-consuming beach entries while still providing a place for cooling off in shallow water
  6. The perfect gurgling backdrop for a dinner party by the pool

Can I Get a Tanning Ledge?

If you’re wondering whether a tanning ledge can be added to your existing pool, in most cases, the answer is an enthusiastic “Yes!” While they once seemed only to be in use at high-end resorts, tanning ledges are now easy to add to most any type of backyard pool construction, including fiberglass and vinyl, and any shape or style, from free form to rectangular.

What’s more, you can customize your tanning ledge in many ways, such as:

● Installing built-in pool umbrella sleeves

● Adding bubblers for some fun effervescence

● Putting a fountain in the border between the ledge and the pool

● Designing unique spillways for water flowing into the pool

● Adding dramatic lighting

● Using a custom tile design to accent the beauty of the tanning ledge

In short, if you can envision a certain look and feel for a tanning ledge, it can likely be created.

Get Ready to Live Life on the Ledge!

Adding a tanning ledge to your pool can dramatically change the way it looks and the way you use it. Additions are very affordable and can increase both the beauty and the value of your pool. If you’ve got questions about tanning ledges, we’ve got answers. Get in touch!

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